Build A Bag Challenges

Whats included with book only:  1. Savings Challenge Book  What’s Included in Bundle:  Savings Book  Savings Envelopes (hole punched) 20-Envelope Challenges A6 Budget Binder What’s Included in Envelopes Only:  Savings...
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Whats included with book only: 

1. Savings Challenge Book 

What’s Included in Bundle: 

  1. Savings Book 
  2. Savings Envelopes (hole punched)
  3. 20-Envelope Challenges
  4. A6 Budget Binder

What’s Included in Envelopes Only: 

  1. Savings Envelopes (hole punched)
  2. 20-Envelope Challenges
  3. A6 Budget Binder

Alright, baddies, get ready to level up your savings game like never before with the one and only Build A Bag Savings Challenges.

We know what you're thinking: "Saving money? Ugh, why is adulting so damn hard?" Trust us, we've had our fair share of ramen noodle nights and crying over our bank statements. But guess what? We've cracked the code, and now we're here to share the wealth of knowledge (pun totally intended).

Inside this badass savings challenge book, you'll find over 19 jaw-dropping challenges that'll have your bank account saying, "Damn, girl, we're looking fine!" Each challenge is accompanied by its own snazzy matching envelope, because we know you wanna stay organized while slaying your savings goals. And don't worry, we got you covered with an A6 binder to hold all your money-saving secrets together.

But here's the tea, babe: these challenges are for everyone. We've packed this book with low and higher income challenges, so whether you're just starting out or already balling, there's a savings challenge for you. This ain't some one-size-fits-all approach; we're all about giving you options to save up for whatever your heart desires. Want a ROTH IRA? Boom, we got you. Dreaming of that picture-perfect new home? Oh, honey, it's all in here.

No more excuses, no more "I can't afford it" vibes. We're flipping the script and showing you the power of your hard-earned dollars. It's time to show your money who's boss and make it werk for you.

So grab your Build A Bag Savings Challenges, unleash your inner money boss, and get ready to slay those savings goals like a goddamn boss babe. Your future self will be giving you a high-five (and maybe even a little sassy hair flip) when you're sippin' mojitos on a tropical beach, all thanks to your badass money moves. Let's do this, hun!💰💃

    Please note this DOES have curse words. If that offends you this is not the product for you. 

    Build A Bag Challenges

    Build A Bag Challenges


    Build A Bag Challenges

    Title: Savings Book (book only)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 137 reviews

    It’s really nice and effective and although the envelopes are super cute, the sayings are just not for me. I may only use 3 of them. The book is real good.




    Everything you need to stack your cash


    I love this bundle SO MUCH! The quality of everything is amazing and I can’t wait to use this to save!

    Ieasha Thompson
    Savings Challenges and advent calender

    Everything exceeded above my expectations. The quality is unmatched. I am half way done with my 52 week challenge already. I as happy with my purchase. Thank you

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