How to Budget: The Course

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Not your average ‘finance bro’ budgeting course. Make your personal finances work for you, not some dude who thinks you need to give up Amazon Prime. 

No one is takin’ my Prime away!

Champagne taste on a ‘whatever the f*ck you’re making right now’ budget 

So, no one really taught you about money. All good. Investing, paying off debt, saving enough, keeping a budget – that sh*t is hard. And if you grew up where money was a hot topic ‘cause there was never enough of it, I feel your pain. 

But budgeting and financial literacy are not *just* for the rich. It’s your ticket out. Your fast pass into financial freedom. And you bet I’m going to give you the knowledge that gets you there. 

And I’ll make it make sense. Promise. It’s a financial jibberish-free zone.

Budgeting for the boujee, not the basic 

If we’re being real, budgeting is not a sexy word. But you know what is? Affording what you want. Never running out of money. Ditching the paycheck-to-paycheck dance that makes you capital S-stressed. 

By making your budget your priority, you’ll go from:
- Feeling a pang of overwhelm every time someone says ‘budget’
- Always feeling like you ‘don’t make enough’
- Going out for drinks ONCE and being short on cash for the rest of the week
- Avoiding eye contact with the debt that’s staring you in the face
- Feeling confused and defeated whenever you look at your bank account
- Riding the roller coaster of every paycheck – sometimes having enough, but often feeling stressed about cash flow 

- Having a simple budgeting system that puts you in control of your money
- Always feeling secure about how much money you’re making, where it’s going, and what you’re saving – no change in salary necessary
- Being able to splurge on what’s important to you without having to panic after treating yourself
- Paying off your debt. Read that line again, baddie. That’s happening for you.
- Waltzing into your bank account with confidence. You know what’s in there.
- Stop feeling tied to your next paycheck, because you know where your money is going and what you’re spending each week.

Baddie’s Budget Blueprint 

The step-by-step, learn-it-quick method for budgeting– putting you in control of your finances and lifestyle. 

You don’t need to make more to live better, promise.


Inside the Blueprint

The Course 

Module 1: The Past Spending and the Present Debt
Before we can move forward, we need to get a pulse on where you’re at. By organizing your debt and figuring out your previous spending, we can create a realistic budget that’s easy to implement. Not one that takes away your lattes. 

Module 2: Your Variable Expenses
We’re not robots. I mean, sure, we know that rent bill is comin’ in hot whether we want it or not. But what about date night, presents, and eating out? That stuff isn’t a one-size-fits-all each month, but man, it’s important to how you feel. 

Module 3: Sinking Funds
Paying off debt or buying a house is scary IF you’re looking at it like a big chunk of cash, staring you in the face. A sinking fund lets you put away a little money each month to accomplish a big goal. It totally takes the horror out. 

Module 4: Debt Payoff and Emergency Funds
Budgets reduce uncertainty. And that reduces stress. If you’re always one doctor visit away from total bankruptcy, that’s going to suck for your nervous system. By looking at debt holistically + creating an emergency fund – you can breathe easy because you’re prepped for whatever happens. 

Module 5: The Complete Budget Overview and Setup
You didn’t think I was letting you leave without a game plan for making this sh*t happen, did you? By putting all of this information together in an easy-to-use format, you can go all in on your budget. And start seeing results this month. 

These sweeten the deal a bit and put more money in your pocket 

The Debt Snowball Calculator
See just how quickly you can pay off debt when you commit to making it happen.

The Debt Avalanche Calculator
Minimize the interest charges and accelerate how fast you can pay off your debt.

The Emergency Fund Challenge
Emergencies aren’t fun. But saving a ton of money for your security can be.

Build a Zero-Based Budget Workbook
We’re making this budgeting feel natural so you can stick to it.

All in One Budget System
Feel supported by having everything in one place, no matter how many places your money is going.


But what’s a money course without FREE bonuses? 

Access to the Accountability Group ($47)
Because money is way more fun when you have a group of people who want you to keep more of it. 

Build a Budget With Me Video Series ($247)
Budgeting is my thing, baddie. Watch me in action to steal all of my secrets. 

The Debt Repayment Tracker ($47)
Repaying debt is a formula. Doesn’t have to feel scary. This tracker makes it easy.


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Customer Reviews

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Teri P.
Worth every penny!

After several attempts of using "the other guys" envelope and zero based budget system I had given up. I came across Baddies on TikTok and was hooked. The course lets you work at your own pace online AND on paper. I am old school and like written budgets. Being able to watch her use real life examples was key. I could rewind and review as many times as needed. She has it set up so easily whether you are a visual or text learner. I am only on month one and have seen improvement. I also love the "per paycheck" budget bonus because that is how I like to keep track of my finances. Cannot stress how much this course is a game changer. Great job!

Tashia Calvillo
Love all B&B products I’ve tried this far!

I love it and am excited to start my budgeting journey!

Nyteria Cantrell

This is the most simplest, detailed, straightforward course, that ACTUALLY HELPS, that I’ve ever taken in my life!!!! I tell people about this course every chance I get. Getting my ish together, I had to start somewhere

Karen Myles
Awesome Budget Course

For the first time I’ve found a budget system that works for me. The course is easy and engaging making me stay on point. Setting up my budget step by step helping me to understand what a budget really is and making me accountable for every penny that passes thru my hands. I love how I can actually see why I couldn’t save anything and helps me put the brakes on spending on unnecessary stuff. I look forward everyday to work on my budget and saving challenges. Now money is flowing in and not disappearing Thank you Baddies and Budgets for helping me get financial freedom from debt and over spending

Georgia Harvey
How to budget: The course

I love it so much I honestly haven't been toning in lately due to illness and life issues but the concept and the challenges and the setting goals is something that I'm really into and I'm looking forward to jump into and building being a better budgeter. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this its so wonderful