Baddie’s Savings Challenges 2.0 (Digital)

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THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! THIS comes in PDF form. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THIS SHEET ATTACHED TO IT within 24 hours. If its not in your main inbox be sure to check your spam mail!!! Digital items are NON refundable! 

The Baddie’s Savings Challenge Planner is a beginner-friendly planner for people who are looking to save money in a fun and easy to use way! There are several sheets that will help you along on your journey to financial freedom. The planner is un-dated and this saving challenge planner contains 22 savings challenges, from saving for your next phone , to even saving for a new baby or your TTC journey. There's something for everybody! There is no timeline you can get started at your leisure! Budgeting doesn't have to be hard. The Baddie Savings Challenge Planner can help make your budgeting simple to manage and fun! This planner makes the perfect gift also!