The Challenge Trackers

This booklet is stuffed full of some of our FAVORITE cash saving challenges, along with monthly trackers for them. This does come laminated. Included:  (6) Laminated Savings Trackers  (6) A6 Envelopes ...
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This booklet is stuffed full of some of our FAVORITE cash saving challenges, along with monthly trackers for them. This does come laminated. 


  • (6) Laminated Savings Trackers 

  • (6) A6 Envelopes 

  • (1) A6 Binder 


  • Binder 8"X4.5"

  • Challenges 6.5X3.5"


  • $10 Challenge

  • Christmas Challenge

  • Self Care Challenge

  • Emergency Fund Challenge

  • 5,000 52 Week Challenge

  • 100 Envelope Challenge

Dive into a world of financial empowerment with Baddie's Challenge Trackers. Each page of this meticulously crafted booklet exudes inspiration to kickstart your money-saving journey. This printed and laminated gem houses a collection of our most beloved cash-saving challenges, meticulously paired with monthly trackers to keep you accountable. Baddie's Challenge Trackers is more than just a booklet—it's a companion ready to guide you through the peaks and valleys of personal finance.

Inside, you'll find (6) laminated savings trackers (6) perfectly sized A6 envelopes, and (1) sturdy A6 binder to keep your challenges organized and easily accessible. From the exhilarating $10 Challenge to the heartwarming Christmas Challenge, each section teems with opportunities to enrich your money-saving skills.

Let the Self Care Challenge remind you of the importance of treating yourself, while the Emergency Fund Challenge stands as a beacon of financial security. The 5,000 52 Week Challenge beckons with its promise of long-term savings success, and the 100 Envelope Challenge adds a touch of creativity to your financial journey.

Turn the vision of financial freedom into a reality with Baddie's Challenge Trackers. Start today and witness your savings goals come to life!

The Challenge Trackers

The Challenge Trackers


The Challenge Trackers


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Carrie Hintz
Love this idea

I am somebody that loves a challenge and something to check off and this honestly is so fun to save money. I’m just gonna save for the entire booklet so I can save what $15,000 I think it said so it’ll just be a fun way to do that and an emergency fund is always good to have but it’s been going really good and I’m obsessed already

Mandy Fischer
I love it

I love your products and videos! I just finished nursing school and now make a different wage and this is going to help me budget and save!

Jill J.

I love everything. Starting my savings journey.
Thank you.

Dora Glaspie

Hold on, I have a whole list of reviews coming soon

MaryJane Pietrovich
fun yes

I like the challenge trackers they are fun to do and work with.

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