Big Bank Baddie Kit

Big Bank Baddie Kit

$997.00 Regular price

Do you have big vision? Bigger goals? An even BIGGER desire to grow your bank account?! This is the kit for you! 

You’ve known for a while you’re destined for more. You’ve got the hustle and drive to achieve HUGE success! 
This kit is the roadmap to your first 6 figures. 

Once you’ve invested in these binders, customized them to your liking, and priced them accordingly, you will see up to 10x on your investment! 

Selling them for the very competitive minimum of $20/each DOUBLES your investment! 

What you will receive: 

  1. 100 Binders - 7 sets of 10 of each solid color, and 3 sets of 10 of each (clear / luxe) binders 
  2. 700 Envelopes - You can include 6 per order and still have over 20 sets to sell custom as well.
  3. $25 Priority Insured Shipping on all big bank wholesale orders

The first 10 Wholesale orders will receive 500 free $1,000 Placeholder slips as well. 

Don’t forget to add on our, “6 figures in 6 month: How to start a budgeting business” webinar.  Available 01/1/2022

The  quick & simple webinar will share how to: 

  • File for an EIN 
  • File for a DBA (not necessary but I recommend it) 
  • Price your Items for PROFIT
  • Where to purchase quality vinyl/supplies 
  • Marketing on YouTube Tips

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