The Beginner Binders

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Meet the Binders Ready for a money glow-up? These binders make budgeting feel luxe + fun. But it’s not about the binders. It’s how you feel about your money. It’s how you go from not having enough cash to feeling goooooddd about your finances. 

Instead of:
- Feeling a pang of overwhelm every time someone says ‘budget’
- Always feeling like you ‘don’t make enough’
- Going out for drinks ONCE and being short on cash for the rest of the week
- Avoiding eye contact with the debt that’s staring you in the face
- Feeling confused and defeated whenever you look at your bank account
- Riding the roller coaster of every paycheck – sometimes having enough, but often feeling stressed about cash flow 

You will:
- Have a simple budgeting system that puts you in control of your money
- Always feel secure about how much money you’re making, where it’s going, and what you’re saving – no change in salary necessary
- Be able to splurge on what’s important to you without having to panic after treating yourself
- Pay off your debt. Read that line again, baddie. That’s happening for you.
- Waltz into your bank account with confidence. You know what’s in

By grabbing the bundle, you get all of these. Aka, you’re getting a full system for keeping your budgeting smooth, abundant, and luxe AF. 

The High-Priority Binder
Savings. Debt. Emergencies. Kids. These are the things that cause a sh*t-ton of stress if you can’t pay for them. This binder is a deep-breath, anxiety-slayer kinda tool because you will always be able to make these things feel calm if you plan for them. 

The Low-Priority Binder
We’re not out here living for the must-dos. We want a life that’s fun. So yes, we’re planning again for the newest i-thing, some Amazon impulse purchases, and self-care. You’re a human who deserves an expansive life. And your budget will make sure you get that. 

The Bill Binder
Bills. Sexy? HA. But we need to pay for sh*t like rent, insurance, and your phone. The cash-stuffing method takes the stress out of paying your bills, so you can focus on keeping your life afloat without letting these pesky fixed expenses take up too much brain space. 

The Savings Challenge Binder
You know that feeling when you finish a half-marathon? Me neither. But you can’t deny that feeling that washes over you when you stick to something, play the long game, or accomplish a goal that was HARD. That’s what the savings challenge will feel like when you realize that you’re secure as heck, no matter what happens.