Beginner Kit-A6

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New to Cash Budgeting and have no idea where to start? This is the product for you. Jam packed with everything you need to get on the road to financial freedom, this beginner set is the perfect investment. Priced well below the $110 price point you would otherwise pay for these items, be sure to get yours before they’re gone. 

This set comes complete with: 

1. Budget Binder (Colors may vary depending on stock)

2. 9- Pre-Printed Cash Envelopes (color optional) 

    • Titles: Savings, Month Ahead, Car Maintenance, Shopping, Debt, Emergency Fund, Holidays, Vacation, Beauty
    • Colors: Pink, Teal, Purple, Navy Blue

3. 1- Set of Funds Trackers (6 pcs. Color will vary) 

4. 1- Teller Slip 

5. 2- Plain $1,000 Slips 

6. 1- Baddies and Budgets Smooth Glide Pen 

7. 1- Digital Download of the “All in One Budget Planner” 

8. PDF Guide on How to Use The Method