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Senior year: memories, milestones, and... expenses? 🎓✨💰 From prom nights to college apps, the costs can start to stack up. 1️⃣ **Prom & Events**: Dream dress, shoes, tickets, and the after-party! 2️⃣ **Graduation Essentials**: Caps, gowns, announcements, and those iconic class rings. 3️⃣ **Yearbooks & Photos**: Making memories is priceless. But those senior portraits and yearbooks? They've got a tag. 4️⃣ **College Preps**: Application fees, SATs, ACTs, and scouting out your dream college. 5️⃣ **Senior Adventures**: Those trips and events that celebrate the end of an era. We get it; it's a lot. And for many families, it's not just about the money; it's the desire to gift our kids an unforgettable senior year. Enter our "Senior Year" binder📔✨. Designed to help you navigate and budget these special moments without the stress. Let's make this year magical without breaking the bank. Click the link in the comments to check it out and lighten your load. Every senior deserves their spotlight moment. Let's make it shine brighter, and lighter, together. 🌟💸 #SeniorYear #HighSchoolExpenses #BudgetBinder #FamilyFinances #yourcashbudgetingbestie #baddiesandbudgets