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Checking in on my Baddies! Are you covering all of the bases in your budget? 💸Tracking Spending- Keeps you in the know! You can’t have a functioning budget if you’re clueless when it comes to where your coin is going. 📝Consistency- It doesn’t matter how you FEEL! You have goals that must be met! We are not taking the struggle bus into the next season! Stay consistent with your budgeting! 💰 Pay Yourself 1st- 10% is what I recommend but do what you can. Paying yourself can be into retirement, a savings account, or any financial account that’s for YOU! 😇Giving- Whether in religion, the less fortunate, a charity, or a local sports team selling snacks… GIVE! Money is in abundance but you’ve got to let go of some so it can make its way back to you! 🚨Emergency Fund - Life be LIFEING! Emergencies happen! The sooner you can get 3-6 months worth of emergencies saved… the better! Make this a priority! 👵Retirement- if you have an employee sponsored 401K that provides a match… contribute that amount. If they offer an HSA, leverage that! Open up a Roth IRA on your own! Do your best to max it out yearly! Social security is not going to be available to our generation, you need a retirement account! You do not want to be forced to be a Walmart greeter at 85! Ultimately, take the meat and leave the bone. Evaluate your personal finances and apply these tips where you see fit! Going from broke to thriving is as simple as making a decision! Today is the day! . . . . . #cashstuffing #cashenvelopemethod #zerobasedbudget #budget #budgeting #sinkingfunds #baddiesandbudgets #budgetbinder #financialgoals #plannerstickers #cashenvelopes #frugaltips #wealthbuilding #savingschallenges #savingschallengebook #mysterybox