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Hey Baddies! Good to have you back. Thanks for tuning into this episode of Getting Paid In July? Here's How To Make The Most Of Your Money! I'M BACKKKKK! Let's get to counting these coins and learning to budget! STAY WITH ME!! AMAZON STOREFRONT► MY WEBSITE► JOIN MY FB GROUP► SUBSCRIBE for more envelope stuffing tips► SUBSCRIBE to my second channel for more behind the scenes► INSTAGRAM ➡ TIKTOK ➡ TWITTER ➡ 💋For New YouTubers: 💋For Repairing Credit: 💋Save Money by Scanning Receipts: 💋Tired of Etsy fees? Try Shopify! I'm obsessed with how well it works! May 2022 | Cash Envelope Stuffing | Baddies & Budgets #cash #budgeting #envelopestuffing #budget #finances I'm Jaz, a 30 year old single entrepreneur. I am working hard to pay off my student loans, a few credit cards, a couple of medical bills and I’m in the process of repairing my credit. Phew! My channel is ideal for those of you getting started on your budgeting journey. Come along and watch me as I navigate this process toward financial freedom! Send Me Stuff: PO BOX 5550 841 N Martin Road Amarillo TX 79117 - 9998 Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor. This is my personal journey and I am choosing to share it with the world. 00:00 Introduction 00:47 Cash Unstuffing 01:36 Stuffing Variable Expenses 02:13 Paying Bills 05:54 High Priority Sinking Funds 08:39 Low Priority Sinking Funds 12:12 Savings Challengesd.